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Supreme Sanding Solutions

At Supreme Sanding Solutions LTD we are passionately dedicated to the art of floor restoration. Our mission is to transform residential and commercial spaces by breathing new life into worn & tired floors. With a commitment to excellence, craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, we aim to create lasting impressions and ensure the elegance of wood stands the test of time.  

Our expert technicians have undergone rigorous training to ensure the highest level of security, safety and quality when it comes to your property. We as a business are also insured so that your home/business is protected up to the value of ¬£2 million. 

Sanding & Wood Floor Restoring

Solid wood floor restoration

At Supreme Sanding Solutions LTD we offer a variety of services to meet commercial and residential needs. Our experienced technicians will discuss with you which of our services will best suit your space during your free consultation. Learn about the benefits of wooden floor sanding here.

  • Floor sanding and refinishing
  • Staining and finishing
  • Wood floor repair
  • Customised solutions for every project
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Wood floor restoration costs a fraction of the cost of a new floor.

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Types of wooden floor restoration

Basket Weave Flooring: A pattern that resembles the weave of a basket, often using rectangular or square wood pieces.

Diagonal Flooring: Planks or strips of wood are installed diagonally across the room, creating a dynamic and visually appealing effect.

Random Width Flooring: A mix of various width planks or strips for a more rustic and eclectic look.

End-Grain Flooring: Wood pieces are cut from the end of the timber, resulting in a unique and durable pattern often seen in commercial settings.

Distressed or Antiqued Flooring: Wood that has been intentionally aged, scraped, or worn for a vintage, weathered appearance.

Parquet Flooring: A geometric pattern made from small wood pieces arranged in intricate designs, often resembling mosaics.

Plank Flooring: The most common style, featuring long and wide wooden planks that are typically installed in straight rows.

Strip Flooring: Similar to plank flooring but with narrower strips of wood, creating a more linear and streamlined appearance.

Herringbone Flooring: A pattern that arranges rectangular wood pieces at a 90-degree angle to form a “V” or herringbone pattern.

Chevron Flooring: Similar to herringbone but with the ends of the wood pieces cut at an angle, creating a continuous zigzag pattern.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring: Wood salvaged from older structures and repurposed into flooring, often featuring character-rich imperfections.

Wide Plank Flooring: Using wider-than-average planks, often showcasing the natural beauty and grain patterns of the wood.

Wire-Brushed Flooring: Wood that has been brushed with a wire brush to remove soft fibers, emphasizing the wood’s natural texture and grain.

Hand-Scraped Flooring: Each plank is individually scraped by hand to create a rustic, uneven surface that adds character.